*** The club entrance is now located inside at the main entrance of the Best Western Hotel. 5625 O'Donnell Street ***


UPDATE: Starting with our February shows, we will be selling out Preferred tickets in pairs only. Please remember, the comic controls the box office and the sale of tickets. Be aware that all Preferred tickets will now be sold in pairs.

Is there a mask or vaccination mandate?

We DO NOT require proof of vaccination, an indoor mask is optional.

What is a two drink minimum and when does it apply?

There is always a two drink minimum per person during any show, however, the drinks do not have to be alcoholic. If you aren't drinking alcohol, the Bottomless is your only option. $15.00 for unlimited soda, juice and water. Our drink prices are very reasonable, no more than you'd expect to pay at a bar in Baltimore on the weekend.

Why is there a 2.75% surcharge and when does it apply?

There is always a 2.75% surcharge for all Food & Beverage purchases with a credit card in the showroom.

Why should I purchase tickets ahead with a credit card?

Shows often sell out, so by charging ahead, you are guaranteed a seat in the showroom. Tickets aren't always available at the door.

Are Tickets Refundable?

No, all sales are final. There are NO Refunds, No Exchanges. No Exceptions.

Where can I sit?

Seating is always General Admission, First-Come-First-Seated. Charging ahead for tickets does not guarantee where you will sit; it only guarantees that you will have a seat. If Preferred seating is available, you are admitted in to the room first and are able to order your drinks and food first. You MUST arrive 45 minutes prior to the show to be sure your preferred seats are valid.

What time should I arrive?

Shows are often very busy. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to showtime. Please note, this is LIVE comedy and occasionally shows may start late due to circumstances beyond our control. This is the exception, not the rule, so please be sure to arrive At Least 30 minutes Prior to Showtime! Anyone not arriving 30 minutes prior to their showtime are subject to have their tickets resold.

What if I am late?

You will not be permitted to enter 45 minutes after your showtime. Once the Headliner goes on stage, the room closes. You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your showtime to guarantee your seat.

What is the Age for Admission?

We are a 21 and older venue.

Why am I being charged a $25 clean up fee?

If anyone at The Baltimore Comedy Factory has to clean up any bodily fluids, of any sort, they will be charged a minimum of $25. Different cleanings may be deemed excessive and the fee may be increased.

What is the Dress Code?

The following is Prohibited:
No Capri Shorts or Long Shorts on Men
No Basketball Shorts, Sports Attire or Athletic Attire including Track Suits, Warm Up Pants & Sweat Shorts
Profanity on Clothing
Sleeveless Clothing on Men
Excessively Torn Clothing
Excessively Baggy or Sagging Clothes
Full Sweatsuits and Sweatpants, Cotton Joggers
Excessively Long Clothing (When Standing Sleeve cannot extend past Fingers)
Jersey's (Sleeved Jerseys are permitted in conjunction with Sporting Events)

Where Should I park?

There is FREE parking on site. You can park anywhere around the entire hotel, as long as it isn't in the front drop off circle or the McDonalds parking lot.